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Lunson Mitchenall has always tracked International trends and developments, from its formative years to the current day.
The foundations of ICSC and the support of International trade fairs including MAPIC, are ingrained in our DNA and this continues with our membership of a global network of retail advisors, SBS, which has participants across the globe, from New York to Hong Kong.

This forum provides a unique insight and information exchange on global markets, expanding brands and new trends.

We have a close relationship with Jaacres, a New York based broker who use LM for their UK client acquisitions.

Lunson Mitchenall invest in expanding their horizons, having actively supported and organised international study tours for both our clients and key industry bodies over the last 20 years, from Seoul and Tokyo to Stockholm and New York.

Our enthusiasm when travelling to seek out new brands and entice them back to our UK projects remains as strong as ever.