Din Tai Fung opens their first UK restaurant in Covent Garden

January 8, 2019

World famous Din Tai Fung has opened their first UK restaurant in Covent Garden, bringing the internationally-renowned xiaolongbao to London. Their famous dumplings ‘Xiaolongbao’ are the restaurant’s crown glory, with an intense process of preparation on-site; every individual dim sum passes through six different stations, each manned by a different team of ‘Dian Xin’ dim sum chefs. The 40-minute process of hand-preparation means that the brand’s signature dish remains a world-class delicacy. Other favourites on the menu included the steamed shrimp and pork Shaomai, spicy jellyfish, truffle and pork dumplings and the braised beef noodle soup.

The New York Times has ranked this restaurant in the world’s top ten, with the food quality and attention to detail (every dumpling weighs between 4.8-5.2g and folded at least 18 times) maintaining this position as a leading restaurant.

Allow plenty of time as they don’t take reservations and you certainly don’t want to miss out!

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