Rage against the machine – Intersect by Lexus

November 16, 2017

Located in Dubai’s International Finance Centre, Intersect offers a unique experiential space where guests can engage with the Lexus brand without getting behind the wheel. Neither a dealership or traditional retail space, the store is designed to engage with customers, offering a diverse concept showcasing design, art, fashion, culture, film, music and fantastic food.

Dubai is the second Intersect store and the first outside Tokyo. The store spans two floors; the lower featuring a garage and exhibition space for Lexus concept vehicles and art installations, with white painted vehicle components illuminated beneath the glass floor that cannot help but appeal to your inner car ‘geek’, whilst the upper floor provides a lounge, restaurant, library and the Crafted by Lexus store selling Lexus lifestyle items.

Lexus will shortly open their third Intersect store in New York totaling 16,500 sq ft and are now looking at London and Paris for future expansion.

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