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Lunson Mitchenall’s investment team operates at the coal face of the retail, leisure and mixed use investment market, both in and out of town.

Our team of 5 has over 100 years combined experience and has a proven track record of being one of the most active and effective advisors in the market.

The retail and leisure industry is currently in a period of dramatic change. The competitive advantage we gain from close liaison with our leasing, repurposing and professional teams allows us unrivalled access to the fast evolving consumer and occupational trends. Overlaying this with a detailed investment analysis and appraisal, gives us a complete understanding and overview of the  market.

Combining these two pillars enables us to tailor deliverable business plans and strategies to suit each client.  Our depth of clients and contacts allows us to source properties or buyers and funders both on and off the market.

Clients include financial institutions, private equity, property companies, banks, family offices and private individuals, both domestic and international.  We are also increasingly advising local authorities on strategic acquisitions and town centre repurposing opportunities. 

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